Religious Studies

in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Religion Forum: Mary and the Body of God

Thursday, October 29 4:30 PM

Bryant Hall 209

Rachel Fulton Brown (University of Chicago)

Mary and the Body of God: Servasanctus of Faenza and the Psalter of Creation”

There are two things that almost everyone knows about the Virgin Mary: one, she was the mother of Jesus, whom Christians worship as the LORD; and two, the only place that she appears in Scripture is the New Testament, and even there only rarely. Almost never in modern discussions, whether Catholic, Protestant, or secular, is this purported absence of Mary from the Scriptures called into question. This was not the way in which medieval Christians understood her. This talk offers an introduction to one of the most remarkable of these efforts, the Mariale, or book on the excellent and exceptional prerogatives of Mary, the Mother of God, above all other creatures, harmoniously compiled from the secrets of Holy Scripture, the Fathers, and the mysteries of theology and natural philosophy by the Franciscan Servasanctus of Faenza (d. c. 1300).


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