Religious Studies

in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Religious Studies Major

The B.A. in Religious Studies consists of 30 semester hours that must include REL 209, REL 224, and REL 497. In addition students must choose one Sacred Text course and one Asian Tradition course.  The remaining 15 hours may consist of any REL courses (including more Sacred Text and Asian Tradition courses), as well as a maximum of six hours from the list of approved electives taught outside the department.

REL 310, REL 312, REL 327, REL 352, REL 353

REL 308, REL 311, REL 320, REL 325, REL 353, INST 343


AH 330, 332; ANTH 308, 312, 314, 323, 327, 404; CLC 327; ENGL 372, 427; HIS 319, 337, 356, 374, 375, 385

All courses applied toward a major in Religious Studies must receive a C or better. Moreover, students must also fulfill the University and College of Liberal Arts core requirements for a B.A. degree.


Double Major

Religious Studies is a popular double major, especially among students who continue in professional or graduate schools. We particularly encourage pre-med and pre-law students to consider Religious Studies as a double major because we stress critical thinking and analytical skills within our courses—skills also valued within medical and legal training.

In addition, today most employers, such as business and political leaders, welcome graduates who demonstrate a certain cultural literacy—the ability to excel within culturally diverse contexts. Because Religious Studies is fundamentally cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, our students receive excellent preparation for such a job market.


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